Into the Wilderness I Walk

Worn paths of twigs and asphalt
One step then another
Dirt settles beneath my feet
Rock and stone ––
Reminders of my frailty

Waters flow through me
Gliding down my limbs
Streams caress my skin
Transparent spheres of water
Trickle down my fingertips
Refracting rays of light

In these earthy places of my soul
My spirit inhales deeply
An awareness of our place in this world
Gratitude resonates within me

Lulled to sleep by a starry night
Sights of fireflies flashing, flickering
Flying in swirls each to each
Culled awake by a new horizon
Sounds of birds chirping, chiming,
Perching from limb to limb

Finding solace in light blue skies
A breeze flutters to the ends of my hair
An aroma of mesquite and a pit set ablaze
As dancing embers twinkle in the distance

© 2016 Cyndi Piña, All Rights Reserved