An Ocean Between

Secretly, she wished he was not
here. Knowing he returned
creates more pain than believing he
was still states away with an
ocean between them.

The afternoon breeze fluttered through
her hair; she found herself hardly
paying attention to his chit-chat.
Her eyes moved slowly over him.
She noticed he still leans back in his chair
his hands loosely clasped together
over his stomach. His eyes beautifully
brown and a smile warmly welcoming. Losing
herself in his countenance, she is overwhelmed
with sadness. Before she can regain
her composure, she stumbles over her thoughts.

Last she saw him they were saying good-bye,
she thought he would leave and quickly
forget her. After all, he was young then.
In the totality of his life, she was of no
importance. Her life had already solidified.
But he was just beginning. She knew
she would fade into a distant memory ––
a five minute story in his life. Tears streamed
down her cheeks, slid down the sides of her lips,
fell into her hands as she tried to clear her face ––
an unending stream of consequence.

She was wrong. She was wrong
about this and about them.

A smirk appeared on her lips
a delicate staccato of laughter
escaped her mouth
in the hope he could forgive
her for having walked away.

© 2016 Cyndi Piña, All Rights Reserved.

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