On Wilderness

Wilderness represents the truth and beauty that is life. It represents what is unknown and what is yet to be discovered about ourselves.

Too often, we tend to fear what we do not yet know or understand.

At times we may even rush to harsh criticism or judgment out of fear of not knowing what is in front of us. The wilderness has long been depicted as a vile and godless place in works such as Young Goodman Brown, The Crucible, or The Scarlet Letter; however, in works such as Walden, Nature, and Leaves of Grass we learn that the wilderness is where we find serenity and truth.


Interestingly, the wilderness can be seen as both something to fear and embrace, it is where the beauty of our lives reside.

Like the wilderness, life is a dichotomy of good and bad, serenity and discomfort, comfort and despair. And while many would have us believe that truth lies in the extreme positions of left and right, on and off, right and wrong, the reality is truth lies somewhere in the middle.

What makes life magical is the totality of its parts and the complexity of our journey: the highs and lows, the best and worst parts of us and our experiences.

Leaves 1

We are meant to be whole beings not perfect ones.

The beauty of our existence is not just in our strengths and joys, but also in the broken and fragile places of our lives.

If we are to live fulfilled lives, we must be willing to reconcile the totality of our experiences.

We must work towards excavating the layers of our lives for the moments that give us a broader and deeper understanding of self and our humanity.

Such profound truth and beauty is realized not only in the parts of our lives we cultivate in this way, but in the truth and beauty we see in those around us. Our landscape is much greater than our front yard; we need only to look beyond what is familiar and known and safe to see that our understanding is also influenced by what dwells beyond our fences.

The uncultivated, uninhabited, and unknown regions of our life are opportunities to find such beauty and truth through cultivating, inhabiting, and exploring these places with an appreciation of all that comes with truly embracing who we are in our brightest of moments as well as our darkest.

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