Birthed – the birth of a poem and the inevitable judgement and critiques that befall the writer and writing

Chasing Phantoms – Sometimes I find comfort in fully feeling a sense of loss.

Haunted – This poem is the result of a writing challenge.

In the Silence – This poem is dedicated to my husband.

Into the Wilderness I Walk – a tranquility and peace that can only be discovered outdoors

Lucky Girl – observation from long ago

My Broken Spanish – abandoning my first language and the sense of incompleteness this has caused in my life

Ocean Between – Another writing challenge experiment.

Passaggio – Have I mentioned that I love the rain?

The Seer – my visit to a card reader who told me that I was lost

Unraveling – a cautionary tale of mourning the life you wanted for yourself

Without Sails – It is just a moment in time.

A Woodland Marsh in Nova Scotia – based on a marsh in Canada that appears to be breathing.